1. I started my first blog in 1999. It was on “pitas.com”
  2. I’m a serial blogger. The Internet is littered with blogs I’ve started and stopped and periodically updated and abandoned. I once tried to find all of them and couldn’t. I have two blogs going at the moment. I don’t update often.
  3. The most satisfying thing I’ve done at work in recent years was launch a corporate blog. It wasn’t active for long, but I learned a lot in the process.
  4. I work from home (in East York, Ontario) for a company based in Montreal. I telecommute, and I’m good at it.
  5. Working from home has made me a much tidier person. It makes my nerves jangly to take a break from work and be confronted by a house full of clutter. Last year, my husband asked me when I became such a compulsive tidier. I’d say about four years ago.
  6. That said, I lose plenty of things. Like, I lost the recharger for my camera five months ago, and now there’s a five-month gap in my ongoing documentation of my children’s lives.
  7. When I write “lose,” I really mean “misplace.” That recharger has to be around here somewhere.
  8. My husband remains generally untidy. However, he is better at keeping track of where he puts things than I am. His camera is in fine working order, and all the parts are accounted for. He is in charge of tracking down and returning my house keys, which I misplace, oh, daily?
  9. I’m convinced I wouldn’t lose (“misplace”) things so frequently if there wasn’t so much unnecessary stuff in this house. For example, between us, my husband and I have six computers.
  10. We still haven’t finished unpacking. We moved here five years ago.
  11. We bought this house because we were expecting a child. While we previously lived in THE cheapest apartment in Toronto ($500/month for a very spacious two-bedroom, within five minutes of a subway), we thought a house with a yard would be a nice place to raise a family.
  12. We were right, except for the yard part. We’re terrible at taking care of it and don’t use it very often. Summer project 2009: USE THE YARD.
  13. We have two young sons. They are wonderful.
  14. My oldest, getting-close-to-five-years-old son, has recently been asking me about death and God. I do not like these questions, and think I would have an easier time answering questions about sex. He never asks about that. But I am prepared. I have answers! I’m pretty sure they’re right.
  15. My oldest son also thinks that talking about bums, farting, and toilets is hilarious. When other parents at my sons’ daycare were talking in hushed tones about how to keep their children’s “bathroom talk” under control, I couldn’t participate. Because I constantly make up songs about  about these things.
  16. My just-turned-two son whispered this to me last night: “I lub you, mommy.”
  17. It’s nice to be lubbed.
  18. While I love reading parenting blogs (and design blogs, and financial blogs, and techie blogs, and news blogs) I haven’t decided what I want to do with this blog quite yet. But I’ve been in the deciding process for a while, and felt I should just start writing something. Anything. Maybe a focus will come to me.
  19. I think this is a lousy idea for a blog.
  20. I’m addicted to the Internet in general, but I’m oddly indifferent to twitter. I’ve tried and tried to get into it, but so far it’s not doing much for me (I don’t like tweeting. I don’t really like reading tweets). I’m on as CherylRonna, but I hardly ever use it.
  21. I can remember writing a “100 things about me list” for a previous, now long-defunct blog. How did I do that? I’m running out of steam at 21.
  22. I used to be a runner. I once ran a half-marathon, and had a respectable time. Then I hurt my knee while training for a full marathon, and I gave it up. I started again last month. I am slow, slow, slow.
  23. I also don’t run often enough to build my stamina or speed. Becoming a runner again is goal #2 for 2009.
  24. I’ve had short-but-lovely periods in my life when I’ve been content: When I’ve thought “I really have everything I need.”
  25. This, right now, isn’t quite one of those periods. But it’s close, and I’m hoping that feeling will come again soon.
~ June 2009

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